Evaluating the Tiny Life

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Small bedroom Small bedroom (Suzette Pauwels/flickr)

As cities like San Francisco, Boston, and the already crowded New York, are considering lowering the minimum apartment size, we ask: How small is too small. And what are the challenges of tiny living?

Erin Boyle shares a 240 square foot apartment with her fiancé in Brooklyn. Her blog is a guide to survival in a small-scale place.


We asked you to share your house or apartment size and where you live. Here's a map of your responses. 



Erin Boyle

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Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

I was disappointed that Laurie has no books in her bathroom.

Among other Collectibles, I have been a book dealer for twenty years. Business is off due to the internet and a lack of interest in reading.

I now sell books as a physical buffer between the outside world and ones small personal space. I am joking of course.

My dark comic mind reminds me that my Holocaust family survived in a small hole in the ground in Poland during the war. Two adults and three kids(we won't talk about the ones that didn't survive) survived during World War 2 for 20 months in essentially a grave covered with hay in a barnyard.
I understand that this is an inappropriate comment for this lighthearted topic but I couldn't help myself.
I hope someone else is laughing with me cause I am living large

Aug. 02 2012 10:47 AM

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