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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Senate report exposes regulatory failures at HSBC | The Takeaway's musical road trip continues in San Francisco with Mates of State | Do H1-B visas make outsourcing a bigger problem? | The case of the 'Cyclops Child' raises alarming questions about neonatal care | How Americans support presidential candidates from abroad | Educational programs provide financial counseling for high school students | Self-made billionaire Sheldon Adelson investigated by Justice Department | Multimedia artist Kyle McDonald raises questions about personal privacy in public.

Senate Report Exposes Regulatory Failures at HSBC

HSBC spent ten years failing to comply with regulatory measures, according to a new report from the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. They enabled drug lords to laund...

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The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip: San Francisco with Mates of State

We’re continuing The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip series in the great city of San Francisco, California. Our tour guide will be one half of one of our favorite bands, Mates of State. ...

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Do H1-B Visas Make Outsourcing a Bigger Problem?

For many American companies, outsourcing has become a standard practice because lower cost countries can provide cheaper labor. But America's own immigration system might also be contributing to outsourcing.

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The Case of the 'Cyclops Child'

Doctor Fredric Neuman is now the director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital. But when he was a medical intern, he saw something no one should ever have to see.

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Supporting the Presidential Candidates from Abroad

While we usually think of America’s elections as being America-centric, 6.3 million American citizens actually live and work abroad, and many of them have a deep devotion to certain c...

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The More You Know, the Less You Owe

Americans owe more than $1 trillion in student debt, and without the proper financial knowledge this debt will only increase over time. In order to find a solution to this problem, we...

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Self-made Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Investigated by Justice Department

One of the Republican party's largest financial backers, multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is under investigation. What this means for the Romney campaign and the man considered by s...

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Internet Privacy in the Age of Photobooth

Kyle McDonald wanted to capture a vast array of facial expressions for a project, so he installed software on Apple store computers to capture customers' looks through Photoshop. Then...

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Continuing Coverage: Rebels Make Their Move in Damascus

The Takeaway covers breaking news from Syria's capital, where a short time ago a large suicide blast reportedly killed Syria's Defense Minister and President Assad's brother-in-law. W...