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Friday, July 13, 2012

A tough week for Mitt Romney could have gotten worse today, as there have been discrepancies about the exact date of the presidential candidate's departure from Bain Capital. He claims that he resigned in 1999, but recent SEC filings from the firm, published by the Boston Globe, state that he left in 2002. This discrepancy has provided further ammunition for the Democrats in a week that's seen the race for the White House grow nastier and nastier.

Takeaway correspondent Todd Zwillich discusses the implications of Romney's Bain record, as well as other news from this week.


Todd Zwillich

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Kathy Douthit from Salt Lake City, UT, USA/Couzon FRANCE

The point is: Romney was nevertheless part of Bain Capital, and Bain Capital had a record of doing such and such. As SUCH, there is a question of a dichotomy between what Romney says and what he has been a part of.

Jul. 16 2012 08:48 AM

The formula for the Obama administration seems to be manufacture a false crisis about the opposition, feed it to a cooperative media who then hopefully keep the opponent off balance and the public distracted long enough to get past the finish line.
Romney's apt response is turning this false narrative around by citing fact checkers who agree with him and providing detailed information of the massive outsourcing the President is responsible for in the last three years.
The media will then abruptly drop the story and then wait for the next talking point from the campaign.

The Obama campaign will simply repeat the distraction formula again and again and Romney must maintain the stamina to answers falsehoods with facts while staying focused on the failing economy.

Jul. 13 2012 08:49 AM

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