Linemen Remain Hard at Work on the Fourth

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A lineman at work (Mark Strozier/flickr)

While many of us are off work today, trying to keep cool, linemen and emergency workers across the mid-Atlantic and midwest are still trying to restore power to over a million people.

Philip Collison is one of them. He works for Delaware Electric Cooperative, but is currently helping out away from home in Virginia, with the Shenandoah Electric Cooperative. Richard Chambers is a pastor who is currently running a shelter in West Virginia for those who remain displaced by the storms. Jacqueline Rullman from Mountfair, Virginia, is one of many still adjusting to life without any power.


Richard Chambers, Philip Collison and Jacqueline Rullman

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Arwa Gunja, John Light and Ashley Wandishin

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