New Movie Releases: 'Ted,' 'Magic Mike,' and 'People Like Us'

Friday, June 29, 2012

This week’s big releases include "Magic Mike," "Ted," and "People Like Us." "Magic Mike" stars big screen favorites Matthew McCounaughey and Channing Tatem. They take viewers into the world of male stripping — a job Tatum did as a teenager before he made it to Hollywood. As expected, the movie gets very sexy, but it’s offers far more than hot male bodies.

In "Ted," Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame both directs and takes on the role of a teddy bear that comes alive on the wish of his own John Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg. Bennett is a grown man with a drinking, drug-abusing teddy bear as his best friend, but this is not always cool for his girlfriend.

"People Like Us" tells the story of young man named Sam, played by Chris Pine, who discovers he has a half-sister. Her name is Frankie, and she's played by Elizabeth Bank. Frankie is on Sam's father’s side when his dad dies. What follows next is peculiar to say the least.  

Rafer Guzman is the movie critic for Newsday and co-host of the Movie Date podcast with Kristen Meinzer, the Takeaway's culture producer.

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