Follow Friday: Rodney King, the Sandusky Trial, Ann Curry and the Olympics Playlist

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jeff Yang and Farai Chideya look back at the week's top stories for this week's Follow Friday. They cover the death and legacy of Rodney King, Jerry Sandusky's trial, Ann Curry's departure from The Today Show, and their selections for the Olympics playlist.

Yang writes the Tao Jones column for the Wall Street Journal and blogs for WNYC's It's a Free Country, and Chideya is a journalist and fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics.


Farai Chideya and Jeff Yang

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Paul R. Smith

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More balanced conversations as usual (not).

Forty years after Watergate no journalist is concerned about the abuse of Executive Orders, Executive Privilege and contempt for the US Constitution for cynical and selfish political reasons so a President can keep himself in power?

How can one take this discussion seriously?

Jun. 22 2012 09:01 AM

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