What Would Mubarak's Death Mean for Egypt?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The health of Hosni Mubarak has injected a new uncertainty into the political and constitutional crisis in Egypt. Nancy Yousef joins us to discuss what the former president’s death would mean for Egypt and the legacy he would leave behind. Nancy is an Egyptian American and a professor at CUNY Baruch in New York.


Nancy Yousef

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John Light

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Nikos Retsos from Chicago

What Mubarak's Death Mean for Egypt? First he is not dead. Secondly, his
regime inherits his powers - as I will explain later. But I am inclined to believe that the correct question should be: "What Mubarak's escape to Saudi Arabia would mean for Egypt?" Here is my view, which was also posted in the Egyptian Al Ahram.

Mubarak's clinically dead and slipping in and out of coma condition is quite fishy to me. I bet it is a ruse by the Egyptian military to usher him out to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment - supposedly not available in Egypt - where he can live free and happily ever after, along with former Tunisia's autocrat Ben Ali. I have no doubt that the Saudi royal family is working feverishly behind the scenes to free Mubarak, and there is no better ruse to extract him from Egypt than on a medical emergency that is portrayed as life threatening!

If that absconding is successful, I am sure his family would go along, so all of them will enjoy a princely life with their vast wealth. That is why Mubarak's sons were acquitted of corruption charges in a court presided by judges appointed by his father! At the same time, the Egyptian Military Junta is making sure that the Revolution is slowly smothered into a clinically dead, or comatose condition!

Mubarak is not a prisoner as he is portrayed. He is just under protection by his regime that still controls the army, the police, and all government ministries. And now his escape plan seems to be unfolding! Nikos Retsos, retired professor, USA

Jun. 20 2012 08:01 AM

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