The Roosevelt Legacy: Conservation of National Parks

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before taking the political stage, President Teddy Roosevelt briefly led the life of a rancher. The land left a lasting impression on him, which would influence his conservationist policies as President. He created five national parks and 150 national forests, among other works of conservation. Because of his efforts, national parks have become a part of the United States' identity.

Today, Tweed Roosevelt, the great-grandson of President Roosevelt and the president of the Board of Trustees of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, discusses his quest to preserve the Elkhorn Ranch, where Teddy Roosevelt had lived as a rancher. The Elkhorn Ranch is located in the Badlands of North Dakota in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


Tweed Roosevelt

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Elena Holodny

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Eoin (Owen)

I was blessed to work as a Ranger at THRO, in the North Unit, in 1994 and this was the finest occupation I have ever had in an absolutely stunning location with wonderful co-workers and the best boss I could ever want. I hesitate to speak too highly of THRO out of fear too many will go there and not appreciate the glorious solitude and abulndance of beauty. A couple of us Rangers traveled to Elkhorn Ranch site and it was well worth the journey and well worth preserving the lines of site there as well as throughout this National Park and other parks in the system. We appreciate what Mr. Roosevelt (the President) and Mr. Roosevelt (present) have done to preserve our natural history. Thank you.

Jun. 20 2012 10:03 AM
Martha from NYC

Theodore Roosevelt assisted Jacob Riis to reform living conditions in New York City. They gained an understanding of life in the tenement houses. "How the other Half lives" was written by Riis. Jacob Riis Park is an oasis right on the Atlantic in New York City. It is accessible by public transportation. NYC lifeguards ensure the safety of those thousands who come to the Atlantic. Sanitation removes trash and the Nat'l parks rangers patrol the area. concessions rent beach umbrellas and chairs.
bathhouses are protected for safety of the users.MY Favorite Nat'l Mon.: Pipestone Quarries

Jun. 20 2012 08:41 AM

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