Google Search Patterns Betray Racism, Voting Tendencies

Monday, June 11, 2012

google search for "republican congresswoman"

In barely a decade and a half, Google has become an extension of our brains: with mobile devices and computers we can have the answer to a question before we complete a sentence. Google searches are a prosthetic memory, but they also may constitute an MRI of our collective personality – especially some of it's more disturbing aspects. The research of Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, doctoral candidate in economics at Harvard, focused on voting patterns and racial prejudice in Google searches.


Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

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Mythili Rao

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The President and his supporters have a long history of blaming others for his failures and but is the media now setting the stage to blame the American people as unworthy if Romney wins the election?

Why does this administration get every benefit of the doubt from the media but the American people do not?

Jun. 11 2012 11:05 AM

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