Drone Attacks Heighten US-Pakistani Tension

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Activists of Majlis Ulma Nzamia Pakistan burn a US national flag during a protest in Lahore, Pakistan. (Arif Ali/Getty)

Abu Yahya al-Libi was confirmed dead yesterday after a drone attack struck North-Western Pakistan on Monday. He was known as Al-Qaida’s second in command: a propaganda master and a viral video sensation.

This is the eighth strike in the past two weeks, prompting Pakistan’s foreign ministry to issue a complaint to an American diplomat. But that’s not the only sign of souring relations between the United States and Pakistan.

The conflict has now reached children's television. American officials in Islamabad announced they were pulling $20 million in funding from Sim Sim Hamara, the Pakistani version of Sesame Street, following claims of corruption. 

Aleem Maqbool is a BBC correspondent based in Pakistan.


Aleem Maqbool

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