What Does Walker's Fate Mean for America?

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Wisconsin recall effort may have failed, but the election was more than just a race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. All across the country, Tea Partiers and national labor union officials closely monitored the results out of Wisconsin for signs of what this recall election means for the future of their movements. 

Both sides have poured millions of dollars into the race they see as a potential turning point. Amy Kremer is the chairman of The Tea Party Express. Nick Nice is an organizer in Madison Wisconsin who has worked closely with the movement to recall Governor Walker for the last year and a half.


Amy Kremer and Nick Nice

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Arwa Gunja and John Light

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What we have seen since last year are examples of "progressive" tactics.
Abusive and nasty protests in the state house costing millions, Democrat representative collecting a state salary as the flee their job duties and now a malicious and uncalled for Recall election costing millions.

Of course the media than ask the conservatives trying to bring some fiscal sanity to their state to compromise with the defenders of these actions.

Jun. 06 2012 09:47 AM

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