For Tomorrow's Games, Look at Your Phone

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nintendo Game Boys (Diego Oyarzún/flickr)

In 1989 Gameboy revolutionized video games as the world’s first handheld gaming system. Now, developers are looking to continue the portable trend by transitioning video games into our increasingly phone-centered world.

Video game developers are meeting at the annual E3 video game conference today to discuss the future of gaming as it relates to mobile phones. At the same time, Nintendo is expected to reveal its newest console, which caters to the casual mobile gamer with iPad imitation controllers.

The gaming industry recognizes that mobile gamers, like those who helped the popular “Angry Birds” reach one billion downloads last month, are changing the face of average gamers. Zach Gage, a young video game designer who has designed popular games like "Spelltower" and "Unify," explains why games are going increasingly mobile. Jennifer Wagner, technology blogger and mother of two college grads, argues that traditional consoles are outdated because mobile games are far more accessible to the average player.


Zach Gage and Jennifer Wagner

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Leo Duran and Paul R. Smith

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