Whistleblower Exposes Dishonest Practices at Citigroup

Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Sherry Hunt grew up in the Midwest, wears plaid flannel shirts, and likes to ride horses. She is also the whistleblower who cost Citigroup $158.3 million and exposed deep deceptions at the massive bank. In an expose out today in Bloomberg Markets Magazine, projects and investigations reporter Bob Ivry details the cover-up culture at Citigroup — and the courage it took for Hunt to come forward.


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Why get worked up over Citigroup and $158.3 million while showing little interest in $500 million down the Solyndra drain? Of course that is the tip of a trillion dollar iceberg thanks to this administration.
Any "shareholder outrage" over that "insult" in an election year?

It would be interesting to hear what Senator/Governor/billionaire/campaign fundraiser Jon Corzine has to say about this as soon as the unbiased media get done with Trump.

"You can't make this stuff up"

May. 31 2012 10:18 AM
Thaddeus Danziger from washington heights

"...literally on the hook..."? This is why I don't listen to your production very long. Somewhere in the distant past (says everyone I know who listens to The Takeaway), yes, in that distant past, John Hockenberry useta have a Game...but what happened? '...literally...'??? Only stupid people say that, JH. --Click!-- Turn off!! It's Boomer and Carton time (stupid from the start! Like, 'original stupid', low expectations, all that). 'kinda, sorta, kinda, sorta...literally...kinda'- Do you two ever listen to yourselves? Unlistenable. --CLICK!--

May. 31 2012 08:51 AM

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