Oscar-Winner Charles Ferguson on 'Predator Nation'

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just over a year after the release of his Oscar-winning documentary “Inside Job,” Charles Ferguson returns to the topic of the 2008 financial crisis with his latest book “Predator Nation.”

In it, he points to the rise of “predatory finance” as both a symptom and the cause America’s fractured economy and political system.

He joins us today to talk about the book, the economy, and what has and hasn’t changed since the crash.


Charles Ferguson

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Kristen Meinzer

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This discussion is almost as dishonest as the causes of this crisis and explains how it happened.

There also have been no prosecution of a politician or federal regulator but that is completely ignored in the discussion. Why?
Why is "our government afraid of prosecuting them" unless government officials are afraid of being prosecuted as accessories or instigators of the crime?!?
What does the guest think of the Community Investment Act?

Social Security and Medicare are very near collapse and the CBO said the government will shut down in 2027.
Those who have been whistleblowers about that economic collapse have been derided, defamed and denounced.
What is this administration and its supporters in the media doing about it? If the answer is nothing than that explains how the 2008 crisis happened.

Telling the truth here does not win Academy Awards or praise on public radio.

May. 29 2012 10:13 AM
rich from brooklyn, ny

you asked the great question when Mr. Ferguson was painting the picture that the "Monsters" at Goldman Sacks were buying "insurance" (CDSs) from AIG and basically, "putting it over on them"!
Poor AIG?
- He makes it sound like the “Monsters” knew the future dead nuts, (I thought they were hedging to protect Goldman and perhaps make some profits)???
Sounds like convenient “Monday morning quarter backing” to me, doesn’t it? Maybe a question here by you?
- Doesn't AIG have “Monesters” of their own, aren’t they part of the Wall Street "Predators”.
So your Great question John, "Didn't AIG have any methods of resistance to Goldman"?
Well the answer that you let stand was no???
But it’s obvious that AIG could have simply said no and not sell insurance to Goldman. Yes it’s that simple! --- even without government regulation to guide them, they could have said NO.
But it seems to me that they took the bet (I don’t and I believe that your guest does not really know the motive of AIG’s executives).
John, it would have been nice if you would have deepened the discussion by exploring AIG’s options and not letting that lame answer stand.
We depend on you to bring out all the truth.

May. 29 2012 09:11 AM

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