Why Increased Immigration is the Solution for America's Ailing Economy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We spend a lot of time in America debating immigration reform. We talk about how to make our borders more secure. We deconstruct the DREAM Act. We ask whether immigrants are stealing jobs from quote “real Americans.”

The Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan group of mayors and business leaders from across the country, thinks we need to look at things differently. They released a new report yesterday that suggests our economic prosperity depends on increasing opportunities for immigrants to enter the American workforce.

The group includes leaders from businesses like Microsoft, Alcoa, and Walt Disney, and from the mayoral offices of cities like New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Among them is John Feinblatt, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's chief policy advisor. Claudio Carnino is an Italian technology entrepreneur who settled in Chile when the United States made it too difficult for him to immigrate here. His start-up, Challengein, makes customized cell phone games that can be used in advertising campaigns.     


Claudio Carnino and John Feinblatt

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Anna or Annie:

Honestly, I suspected your motives earlier on in this thread - thinking you were an unwitting dupe of some totalitarian, charitable ideology.
Alas, it now appears to me that you are totally witting.


May. 27 2012 11:26 PM
annie from nyc

I understand a global economy and the right to pursue a life - but there are many many kids- US citizens- who graduated particularly in 2009, 2010 and 2011 who are still without a job in their college areas of study. This includes those with the desired STEM degrees. The market is dry for specialized engineers unless it is IT or civil. Mr. Bloomberg and friends - open up opportunities to your current residents first. This is disappointing that the mayors do not look at those who have not been employed in their areas of study and are qualified because there are no entry level jobs.

May. 25 2012 05:19 AM

anna from new york

I can't find any of the comments below claimed by the "grab, steal and murder" or the "more grab, steal and murder" crowds - could you point them out for me?
You must be referring to some other thread because I can't locate any loud otherwise noisy crying for Mr. Saverin - why should anyone be crying about his good fortune? Did he take something with him that he didn't pay for? In the "old days" that would be the only legitimate inquiry. Why wouldn't he be free to leave with his inalienable rights in tact?
(BTW: My understanding is that he is a Brazilian by birth. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that if any jurisdiction deserved a "fist lien" on the wealth Mr. Saverin created, it would be Brazil and not the U.S.A. [at least by your logic])

May. 24 2012 07:13 PM
anna from new york

I find it amusing that the "grab, steal and murder" and "more grab, steal and murder" crowd is trying to terrorize by crying loudly "Poor ex-Facebook fellow - he HAD to renounce his citizenship." In the old days when such concepts as "ethics," "patriotism" and "willingness to sacrifice one life for one's country" were familiar to many, nobody would dare to cry over his "lost citizenship." Now I have to explain slowly, slowly that there might be a problem with a "poor, poor, poor billionaire" who just drops his citizenship in the name ... of what exactly?

May. 24 2012 02:46 PM

"anna from new york":

The thing I was wondering about, was why Mr. Carnino, or anyone else, was "required" to "locate" their businesses (especially those producing computer software) anywhere. Why isn't the connectivity of the World Wide Web sufficient to establish such businesses without a singular "bricks and mortar" location?

If you'd pull your head out of your "labor-theory-of-value" a***, you would see that the ex-USA citizen co-founder of Facebook will not only be free of USA tax obligations, but he can continue to generate income from contracts with Facebook without ever setting foot on soil subject to USA taxes - how do you like them apples?

May you continue to enjoy Meta-World-Peace.

May. 24 2012 12:45 PM
anna from new york

OK, de Taylor, I'll add some clarifications.
I think there is no need to ask Mr. Carnino why he wants to work in this country. It's pretty clear why European entrepreneurs are rushing into this country - slave labor. There are official statements by some companies' management regarding their openings of call centers or factories in Carolinas or elsewhere. BTW, no need for Mr. Carnino to add jobs - jobs can be easily added by prohibiting exploitation. Why do I see a third job when two people work 60 hours a week (and are paid barely for 40)?
Now, Arbeit. I firmly believe that the concept "Work liberates" is American. I would like also to comment on the entire push "We must add jobs, jobs, jobs" (without any mentioning of conditions of employment). The greatest creators of jobs were ... you guess it, de Taylor ... Hitler and Stalin who had full employment ... and more.

May. 24 2012 01:10 AM

Mr. Carnino:

Please "perdonadme", I meant no offense to you, your business partner, or your business (wherever you succeed). My argument is with WNYC’s shameless trimming and surreptitious conflation of the facts to fit their “narrative” in support of changing the current immigration law to grant wholesale amnesty to currently illegal aliens and to admit persons regardless of the likelihood that they will wind up as dependents “entitled” to support on the public dole. In addition, I hope you will also disregard “anna from new york’s” shameless implications of your own motives as having something to do with slogans associated with the loathsome National Socialists of 1930’s & 40’s Germany. I’m sure that once she reconsiders her rash statements she will seek to replace them with more reasonable and rational, not to mention more charitable, arguments.

In my opinion, the WNYC radio broadcast was not really concerned with you or your business, even as an example. (Did they even ask you, during the interview, what your business "product" or "service" was? Did they even ask you the name of the business? If you listened to the broadcast (or the podcast) you know your answers to those questions wound up in the editor's trash folder.

If you wouldn't consider it an imposition, would you care to state your reasons for wanting to live and work in these United States? If not maybe you will share those reasons with me in person if you achieve your ten year goal.

Best of luck, vaya con Dios.

May. 23 2012 07:03 PM
anna from new york

Ah, Mr Carnino, I forgot something important:
EMPLOYEES, unlike CEOs, corporations etc. PAY THEIR TAXES. DECENT SALARIES mean DECENT TAXES. There is no need to "process" (you know "Arbeit macht frei" processing) millions of individuals in some hope that this or that Kommendant will some day pay a penny in taxes.

May. 23 2012 05:08 PM
anna from new york

Sorry, Mr. Cornino, your bad luck.
Talk this language to American born - they don't know better.
Now, I happen to know where American problems are.
- introduce civilized labor law which would protect employees from EXPLOITATION. Reinforce 40 hour work week, sick days, introduce civilized vacations. And yes, stop this insanity - outsourcing and insourcing of jobs. Change barbaric, social Darwinist mentality which includes "we don't have to teach half of the population anything, we'll lock them up in prison,will bring some slave labor from somewhere, etc. I can continue forever, but I am bored.

May. 23 2012 05:02 PM


"I even can't be sure that you actually received your education where I suspect you did."

Why so coy? and why would the provenance of my education be of interest to you?

May. 23 2012 02:40 PM
Claudio Carnino from Chile

Mr. geTylor and Ms. anna from new york,
as I said on the show, my company has no employee and the one that you've linked is my business partner.

For sure our taxes right now are not contributing substantially to any country, but when we'll grow the company (like any startup) we will start to have revenue and pay taxes that will contribute to the state where we'll operate.

Did you know that about the 50% of the startups in Silicon Valley have a foreign founder?
That one founder of Google has foreign origins?
That 2 cofounders of Facebook are foreign?
That one of the founder of Instagram ($1B comapany) is a Brazilian?

Foreign entrepreneurs creates jobs, they don't steals the ones that exists.


May. 23 2012 02:39 PM
anna from new york

"But are you sure you want to go down the "ad hominem" path?"
No, even though I don't see a problem with "ad hominem" or "ad feminam" when there is a problem with hominem or feminam. But I don't know you. I even can't be sure that you actually received your education where I suspect you did.

May. 23 2012 01:25 PM

You got me there.


But are you sure you want to go down the "ad hominem" path?

(or would that be "ad homina"?)

May. 23 2012 12:39 PM
anna from new york

"Some of today's comments seem more more off-the-wall, anti U.S. than usual"
What seems to some, might not actually be. I am pretty sure you and I don't have the same education. I am pretty sure I wasn't your neighbor under some table where you received you education ("The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming)
dr anna

May. 23 2012 12:32 PM

Is this the other employee of FanChimp - http://fanchimp.com/img/layout/footer_contact.png - ?


[Not that there's anything wrong with that.]

May. 23 2012 12:32 PM

Propaganda and Nonsense.

The featured story concentrates on a "high tech" "entrepreneur" whose "success" is currently limited to obtaining a second round of financing and a grant from the government (read taxpayers) of Chile. His "business" (would that be "Fanchimp"?) employs one other person (would that be one Italian national or one Chilean?) [A brief exploration on the Web indicates that Senor Carnino has something to do with "FanChamp"whose product is generating automatic content for commercial Facebook pages. [unintended consequence: lower valuation for FB"s IPO - no one wants to advertise to "automata"]( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oEtXE8Z9Ao ; http://tugulab.org/ )

Now I'm sure Claudio is having a grand old time in Chile, I'd love to be there myself, but it's doubtful that the tax paying campesinos or their children will be benefiting from his "con" (unless. he happens to actually become successful and Chile's tax laws are written the way our Senator Schumer thinks that tax laws should be written, ( http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/17/democratic-senators-proposal-targets-facebook-co-founder/ ))

The really "fascinating" factoid is the information that every foreign farm worker taken into the U.S. economy adds as many jobs as a foreign born High tech graduate of our Universities. (Of course, the farm worker generated jobs probably include more supportive than productive jobs) Why else would we or foreigners be spending the money to create graduates of hi tech (STEM) disciplines when we can get more economic bang for buck by purchasing one way bus tickets from Juarez to Los Angeles?

All in all, the presentation of this "narrative" is another demonstration of WNYC's emphasis on "message" as opposed "information".

{Some of today's comments seem more more off-the-wall, anti U.S. than usual.}

May. 23 2012 11:55 AM
anna from new york

"Speaking of Brazil, anything on the Facebook founder who renounced his US citizenship because of the tax burden in this nation thanks to this President?"
Listener, did you read what you wrote? A billionaire who renounces CITIZENSHIP because of possible loss of some MONEY. And what idiots would like him to be their a co-citizen?
Are you, people, insane, or just immoral?

May. 23 2012 11:53 AM

Immigration is one of the problems killing this country, California is toast now because of all the Illegal aliens (yep I said it aliens, its the truth!)
I'm in Nevada and it's happening here. Illegals everywhere tapping every resource need legal and illegal draining the state! I was sent a link to a news cast in Indiana about where the Illegals are getting tax refunds to a tune of 4 billion dollars a year!! claiming dependants that don't live in this country. So are these foreigners like Claudio Carnino and his (2) employees replacing the 4 billion in tax payer dollars illegally going out of the economy? not saying Claudio will be tapping one of the many loophole illegals have found to rape the country but odds are he will find a way like the rest. I cant get 40K to start a business but the "Immigrants" can. Where that guy determined that giving a job to an immigrant creates 2 jobs for a US citizen is beyond me it simple mat. Wake up people we are giving away the country.

May. 23 2012 11:48 AM

A laughably lopsided discussion of three against the recording of one irate caller. Nice.

Does having the most anti-business President in history have anything to do with an unwelcoming atmosphere or is it our unworthy nation's fault again? This President has turned away whole industries from Canada like the XL Pipeline and the Canadian are going to China and others in the oil industry are going to Brazil.

Speaking of Brazil, anything on the Facebook founder who renounced his US citizenship because of the tax burden in this nation thanks to this President?

May. 23 2012 09:40 AM
Durant E. James

There's never any shortage of "research" touting the economic benefits of increased immigration. While its proponents talk up vague and elusive economic benefits, the immediate effect would be to depress American wages and displace American workers. I'm no student of macro economics but exactly how does increasing the labor pool lower the unemployment rate? If we need a more educated workforce then why has the number of people with Ph.Ds who received some kind of public assistance more than tripled in the last three years?

May. 23 2012 09:34 AM
anna from new york

BTW, there is nothing new here. Both Hitler and Stalin and affiliated "business leaders" were for ever increasing immigration to their camps. When you start processing people the way America started you will need more and more "immigrants:" "Next, next, next."

May. 23 2012 09:30 AM
anna from new york

Ha, ha, ha. I actually can add to yet another aspect.
I suspect that Chile doesn't need MR. Carmino or any other foreign born "enterpreneur." What they really need there is their Social Democracy back (yes, it was the most civilised country in the Latin America) which was destroyed with American fascists' (OK, OK, I'll behave - American "social Darwinists") help.
My perfect source, Chile born "wise Latina," is out of town so I can't verify, but I am pretty sure.

May. 23 2012 08:44 AM
anna from new york

BTW, after WWII not only Nazi or Nazi collaborating scientists were brought here, but also a significant number of Nazi propagandists and psychiatrists.
We see the results.

May. 23 2012 08:10 AM
anna from new york

"Maybe more American kids would study engineering if they saw older engineers doing half as well as lawyers or physicians, rather than largely unemployed"
Over a decade ago, I overheard a Chiness student on Columbia campus who was studying engineering but intended to go for an MBA because "engineers are not treated well." Apparently, he didn't have a problem with becoming the one who treats engineers "not well."
Yes, engineers are not treated well, doctors are not treated well, librarians are not treated well, of course, teachers are not treated well, even professors are not treated well.
Tell me again that we need more Kommandanten.

May. 23 2012 07:49 AM
anna from new york

American education is dismal. It's actually brainwashing in the spirit "We are the best and the brightest and have to know anything."
BTW, it's not true that students study less than in the past. A decade ago or so David Brooks wrote a half good (fully scary) article (The Corporation Man) exactly at the time when I started to have nightmares and wrote my first (and last) poem (Marching Zombies) dedicated to all students at New York Ivy (yes it applies to all other students)
The requerements are absolutely unrealistic (like in labor camps) and meant only to prevent any independent thinking, any protest ("the problem with you, work harder") and any participation in life in a period when people tend to be most idealistic and active.

May. 23 2012 07:42 AM
anna from new york

Enough of this nonsense.
I am sick and tired of constant promotion of barbarity. This country has a very ugly past (Puritans' convenient and barbaric "the rich are rich because they deserve to be rich" and all "modernized" variations of it), the eternal 3/5 humans (no, it didn't die out with the emancipation and is now as strong as always and visible in the lack of universal health care, for example); negative eugenics, "trickle down, "randism" etc. etc. etc.
This country needs humans. Allow the "natives" to realize their potential and bring more humans (refugees or not).
We don't more fascists (brought here in insane numbers after WWII by Rockefeller and friends), we don't insanely rich children of KGB masters and Arab dictators.
Build schools and not prisons for the "natives," address the issue of H1 visa (? this so called expert visa - a quick glance at who is brought here doesn't leave any doubts about the nature of this program), limit (not finance with MY tax money outsourcing and insourcing)
It is so bad now that even avoiding corporate employment and reading propaganda doesn't help. The barbarisation of the population is total and one can't avoid "social darwinists" anywhere.

May. 23 2012 07:31 AM
Jake from Nassau County

(Sorry for a second comment)

Maybe more American kids would study engineering if they saw older engineers doing half as well as lawyers or physicians, rather than largely unemployed. They are unemployed because the H1-B visa program gives their jobs to cheap young immigrants.

May. 23 2012 07:22 AM
Jake from Nassau County

The American Enterprise Institute is mainly pro-corporation - of course they want increased labor supply which drives down wages.

May. 23 2012 07:15 AM

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