Revisiting Hate Crime Laws Following Sentencing of Dharun Ravi

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Former Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail for spying on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, during an intimate encounter with a man. Ravi was found guilty of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, and hate crimes. Ravi could have faced a much harsher sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Richard Kim is executive editor of The Nation magazine. He thinks the sentence was fair, but says New Jersey's hate crime statue may need to be revised.


Richard Kim

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Robert from Morristown, New Jersey

A convicted shoplifter gets 90 days in NJ. What a 30 day sentence tells NJ citizens is that they can beat up or kill a fag and only get a month off work as punishment; it is now open season to commit violence against NJ's gay citizens.

May. 22 2012 08:18 AM

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