Shareholder Priest Challenges Jamie Dimon

Thursday, May 17, 2012

JPMorgan is now being investigated by the FBI following a $2 billion trading loss. Two separate shareholders are suing: one in California and one in Arizona. 

And at the annual shareholder meeting in Tampa last Tuesday, a lot of the pushback came from one outspoken shareholder who is also a priest: Father Seamus Finn. Father Finn is a priest with Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and he works with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. He’s been an activist shareholder for years.


Father Seamus Finn

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Any outspoken clergy regarding this "star power" President and does he really believe in the US Constitution and the protection of religious liberty as we pick and choose religious figures to spotlight?
What is more money to waste - two billion or well over a trillion?

Why have the President's critical "shareholders" been demagogued and demonized for three years?

May. 17 2012 10:22 AM
anna from new york

Sam, and why would Dimon be different? How is that possible? Only treatment of him by the so called "progressives" was different. Chase is my bank and I watched its criminal activities during the last decade. I was wondering why a friend of mine (now firmly ex), a house wife without children and other responsibilities who loves both Chavez and Ron Paul and any Nazi in sight was always switching from a discussion of "badness" of Chase (natural in my case) to the badness of Bank of America. Neither bank was hers. I figured out only when I finally checked both CEOs religion-ethnicity. Yes, my ex-friend is now in a neo-Nazi camp. She is probably not alone.

May. 17 2012 09:11 AM
Sam from NY

Same old, same old - money corrupts. Dimon perhaps is no exception, and so did some under him. We entrust our monies to these people, foolishly, didn't we? And, we entrusted our vote to those in D.C. also. I keep thinking of the time when Mr. Greenspan, an 60-year-old so-called regulator, stated that, paraphrasing, "I thought Wall St. would self-regulate". WOW! I thought, how innocent (remember, 60). And, he was the Fed chairman? Then, I thought, why would we need governments at all to keep things in check. Let's go back to the colonial, or pre-colonial, days, when everybody can just shoot up everybody else, with arrows or bullets, or even rocks, and get whatever he/she wants....

May. 17 2012 08:48 AM
anna from new york

I am sooooooo happy that our "spiritual leaders" are firmly in the business of making money. I am also happy that one of them, Father Finn, "challenged" Dimon and particularly that he did it nicely and politely. Now, I am not a 'spiritual leader" (someone has to be decent) and I will challenge Father Finn absolutely unnicely and impolitely:
Father Finn,
- how did it happen that you (in all this new wonderful technical world) missed the fact that your beloved company is criminal, that countless individuals were pushed into bankruptcy and/or foreclosure when your beloved bank breached their contract and that there are countless class action suits against your beloved company
- how did it happen that you are unfamiliar with such concepts as "employees" and "customers" and their rights and your spiritual/corporate world is limited to CEOs and shareholders
- did you ever wonder what is the value of your charity if the dirty underwear you generously drop to your company's victims was bought with the criminal money?
I can continue forever ..

May. 17 2012 06:32 AM

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