Facebook vs. Google: The Ad Model Cage Match

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome sign at Google's headquarters (Cool Caesar/Wikipedia Commons)

How much are Facebook ads — and by extension, Facebook itself — really worth? To find out, we're talking with Ralph Folz, CEO of Wordstream, a Boston-based software company in the search marketing space, and pitting Facebook's ad model in a cage match against the raining heavy-weight advertising champion, Google.


Ralph Folz

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Joe Rosenberg

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Angel from Miami, FL

Facebook 3.0 will incorporate the retina scanners seen in "Minority Report". Your Facebook page will show everytime you enter a store and/or buy something. So get ready for posts like "Steve has purchased tampons at Walmart. Like." Or "Stacy has entered Fredericks of Hollywood. Like."

Fortunately, Facebook 4.0 will release an app for your iBrain implants so you can clarify those posts as soon as they appear on your timeline. Better biographies through purchasing histories. Vice-versa.

Comment. Like.

May. 17 2012 10:01 AM

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