Follow Friday: Obama Endorses Gay Marriage, North Carolina Rejects It

Friday, May 11, 2012

Every Friday, The Takeaway looks back at the week's big stories with a few people who have been paying very, very close attention. This week, Takeaway contributor and Republican political strategist Ron Christie and Kai Wright, an editor at COLORLINES magazine, discuss President Obama's support for gay marriage, North Carolina's constitutional amendment defining marriage, Dick Lugar's ouster from the Senate, and allegations that Mitt Romney bullied a gay high school classmate.


Ron Christie and Kai Wright

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Joe Hernandez

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Having a guest like Ron Christie who just seemed to parrot GOP talking points was unhelpful and boring.

May. 11 2012 09:47 PM

Ron Christie was way below standard this morning.
Changing the subject may be good advice for his clients to avoid tough topics, but listeners want analysis, not campaigning.
He dodged every opportunity to provide substantive analysis on the topics John raised, and just repeated Romney campaign speech blaming Obama for the economy.

May. 11 2012 01:11 PM

After months of withering derision or "bullying" against Republican primary candidates no mention of the three state election embarrassment for Democrats including the West Virginia Democrat primary election? Is the avoidance of the "bullying" May Day violence and Warren's ethnic claims "political calculations" by the media?

After "evolving" or evading did the President finally get to the same opinion of former VP Cheney who said basically the same thing. The difference is that Cheney was not running for election or fund raising when he made his statement and Obama is. Nothing really changes on this issue except Obama will probably get massive campaign contributions for it. Isn't that a gross manipulation of an issue important to many people for his own benefit?

Clearly the plan is to hit hot button issues and distract from the troubling future of the US economy.
Is that "political calculation" a cynical insult to the intelligence of the public?

May. 11 2012 10:31 AM

I'd like someone at The Takeaway to explain the editorial process by which the Mitt Romney "bullying" story has gotten airplay on this program, while the story of Elizabeth Warren's "American Indian" story has gotten no airplay.

I'd very much like for John Hockenberry himself to reply to this question.

May. 11 2012 09:09 AM
Frederick Bishop from Queens

Please guys - you can't have a very partisan Ron Christie on opposite a squish; put on a Democrat opposite him or replace Christie with a squish. The way it is now is enough to make me want to jump up and down on my radio while Christie spouts his agitprop.


May. 11 2012 09:01 AM

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