Your Take: The Gender Divide in the Workplace

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It’s been 50 years since women started walking out of the kitchen and into the workplace en-mass. Yet yesterday we heard about another study that shows women aren’t making themselves heard when men are present in the office. That's true even when those woman have the same level of power at work as the men.

We asked you to weigh-in and tell us about the gender divide at your work place. Haley Mitchell, from Augusta, Georgia, says the men in her office still expect her to get the mail and coffee, even though she is a marketing and communications manager.


Haley Mitchell

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What I found most interesting of all about this program was how The Takeaway modeled the exact behavior it was attempting to illuminate and challenge. Following the piece on gender bias in the workplace, there was a piece about gay marriage. There were two guests interviewed--Patrick Wooden and Ann Pelligrini. He was introduced as and referred to as "Dr" throughout the program. She, on the other hand, was "Ann." Whether or not Ms. Pelligrini has a PhD is a moot point. This seemingly "unimportant" detail is perfect evidence for the perpetuation of gender bias. If she was "Ann," why wasn't he Patrick? And if he was "Dr," why wasn't she Ms? How insidious our gender behaviors are when it comes down to it--perhaps some consciousness raising is in order for radio hosts? I'd refer anyone interested to the work of Virginia Valian for an engaging tutorial about the deeply ingrained gender bias that pretty much everyone has:

May. 10 2012 08:10 AM

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