Men — You Talk Too Much

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

You see it in movies all the time, and on the stage of life. Accomplished women being silenced by louder, more dominant men. And now there’s proof of just how often this happens – not just among attention-hungry celebrities, but in ordinary boardrooms. Tori Brescoll, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale, analyzed male and female behavior on the Senate floor and asked more than 200 men and women to describe how they respond to powerful women in the workplace. She joins us now to explain her findings.


Victoria Brescoll

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Mythili Rao and Paul R. Smith

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M. Derrick from Seattle

I wonder if there are any disparities in how much women talk when they are talking to other women versus a roomful of men.

In my business, which is completely male-dominated, I learned long ago to keep my comments brief and to the point. Otherwise, my male peers (especially management) will stop listening if I ramble on too much. I tell younger associates to learn this skill if they want to advance.

In the Senate, I can picture the few women there doing the same thing in order to be taken seriously by their male colleagues (many of whom, it should be noted, are of quite a different generation than most of today's workforce. I wonder if age has anything to do with the results of this study, too.)

May. 09 2012 02:48 PM

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