Occupy Movement Plans May Day Strikes

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Across the country, leaders of the Occupy movement are planning strikes and protests in 125 cities. It’s being billed as "a day without the 99%,” and they're asking participants to make their presence felt through their absence today: no work, no shopping, no banking, no school. The action coincides with May Day — a day traditionally associated with worker's rights around the world, and a day the movement's leaders hope will put Occupy Wall Street back into the spotlight. Janet Byrne, editor of "The Occupy Handbook" puts today's planned strikes in context while Brigid Bergin, reporter for Takeaway co-producer WNYC checks in from Bryant Park. 


Janet Byrne

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Brigid Bergin

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@Angel from Miami, FL:

I have as much faith in your permitting that to which I have acquired by lawful contract as I have the usual grifters who offer social contracts that are as malleable as the silly putty of their needs. Future generations should mark now the ease that you and your ilk have in making false and misleading promises of security - promises which always seem to privatize your gains, and to socialize your losses, all in the service of your altruistic, collectivist "good". I spurn your allowances; you will attempt to take that which is mine without my permission. Nothing personal, it's the same attitude that I have for all thieves. I believe that Florida law still agrees with those who chose to "stand their ground" in the face of such efforts.

May. 01 2012 05:05 PM
Janet Byrne

Further to my comments on the show this morning, here are the dollar figures for the Diamond-Saez -- the revenue that would be raised if the marginal tax rate were raised from its present 35% to 70%:

$4 trillion would be raised over the next decade

$300 billion would be raised in one year

Janet Byrne
Ed. of The Occupy Handbook

May. 01 2012 01:27 PM
Angel from Miami, FL

@geTaylor YAWN! Zzzzzz. Retired much? So you spent your life working and now you get to sit on a big fat pension future generations won't be getting and you complain about how free speech is not a right but an unnecessary privilege. If some folks want to chant and rant against those who have damaged our economic system from the lawn of some public park so be it. As a taxpayer, I will allow it. Enjoy!

May. 01 2012 09:40 AM

"The Occupy movement was very successful in dominating headlines" written by the famously unbiased media which viewed the obnoxious and violent tantrums with rose tinted glasses, carefully adjusted blinders and a clothes pin on their nose.

Don't use the word Marxism. "It's just called something else...the point is to get alot of bodies out on the street again". A responsible media might ask once that happens where does the logical conclusion of this morass of ideology lead them? Nevermind.
Rose-tinted glasses - check
Blinders - check
Clothes pin on nose - check

Now go write those inspiring headlines and repeat the mendacious slogans and nursery rhymes in all their sophist glory and pretend it all accomplished something profound and not pernicious for society.

May. 01 2012 09:38 AM

As the day's depredations develop, how much "ownership" of the property damage and personal inconvenience caused to others will NPR and WNYC be standing for? Will the crazed mob be allowed to act out their personal frustrations in your studios? It would be compelling radio.
(But maybe they won't notice your defiance of their demands that you engage in a general strike today.)

May. 01 2012 08:12 AM

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