Follow Friday: Immigration at the Supreme Court, News Corp Inquiry, John Edwards Trial, Walmart Bribery

Friday, April 27, 2012

Every Friday, The Takeaway convenes a panel to look back at the week's big stories. This week, we'll hear more about Arizona v. U.S., the case that will determine the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law, known as SB 1070. James and Rupert Murdoch both testified before a British inquiry into media ethics, our partner The New York Times published a comprehensive investigation into Walmart's practices in Mexico, and the campaign finance case against former Senator John Edwards began in North Carolina. Farai Chideya, journalist and Fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics, and Paddy O’Connell, host of the BBC’s Broadcasting House program, explain the news of the week. 


Farai Chideya and Paddy O'Connell

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Dave Francis from Indianapolis, IN

About 13 percent of the world's adults or more than 640 million people say they would like to depart their country permanently according to a Gallop poll. That’s an estimated 150 million of the world's adults have said they would like to move to the United States as the most desired destination for potential migrants. In a Pew Hispanic Center study that foreign nationals from South of our border have stopped pouring into the U.S., and the net numbers even indicate that they're going back home. More than half of Mexican-born people in the U.S. are illegal, and Mexicans make up nearly 60 percent of all illegal migrants here. What they haven’t estimated is the numbers of illegal migrants and immigrants from not just from across the border, but the visa overstay that have permanently settled here illegally. This isn’t just about foreign nationals from across our border, but the unwelcome visitors from overseas; from every region of the world.

The federal government or any organization can keep spitting these numbers out, but if the avid reader does his own research, this is just numbers conjured up to pacify the American people. From what I have surmised the figures of illegal people here is well into 20 million plus. Any survey can be engineered to make it less than they are? Probably they are not counting the hundreds of thousands of ‘foothold’ babies, unborn or who gain immediate citizenship when they are conceived. The illegal Mother can immediately claim, all the same welfare services for the child/ children as any U.S. born citizen or naturalized citizen immigrant. Once situated the whole family moves into the Section 8 housing. Each state wherever the family settles is forced by unfunded mandates, for infant delivery, food stamps, entitlements and subsidized housing. All paid for by the already overtaxed population.

Apr. 29 2012 08:20 PM

The Holman W. Jenkins Jr. column in the Wall Street Journal was by far the most intelligent writing I have seen to date on the Walmart kerfuffle in Mexico.

Remember that as of now, the Walmart issue was not a prosecution in Mexico based on some harm thar Walmart caused to Mexicans. No; the legal issue at present is that the Justice Department, in the USA, is going after Walmart under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Saying that the U.S. will punish Walmart, under U.S. law, in a U.S. court, for what Walmart did in Mexico.

And of course what Walmart has done in Mexico is to move retailing into the 21st century, provide Mexicans with better shopping and better goods, and employment in Walmart stores, all of which helps generally bring Mexico into the modern world so that it doesn't have to rely on corrupt backwater third-world methods of running a nation-state.

I was astonished at hearing Farai ridicule "the East India Company." Because I suspect that she and I could look at the exact same set of facts, with no dispute as to what they were, and come away with diametrically opposite conclusions.

Here's the link to the brillliant Jenkins column:

Apr. 27 2012 10:25 AM
carl, queens, n.y.

wal-mart is to retailing, what murdoch is to media... we look the other way and let them grow without retraint... to much power will intoxicate the best hearts, as wine the strongest heads... how could they let murdoch buy the wall st. journal?... didn't he already control enough of what we read and hear already?... and he paid a ridiculesly high price to get his hands on it...

Apr. 27 2012 07:27 AM

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