Graphic Photos Surface of US Troops with Afghan Bodies

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Los Angeles Times has published graphic photos showing U.S. military personnel posing with the dead bodies of Afghan insurgents. The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan wasted little time condemning the actions in the pictures, saying in a statement that "the incident depicted in the LA Times' photographs represents a serious error in judgment by several soldiers who have acted out of ignorance and unfamiliarity with U.S. Army values." Joining us is Peter Galbraith, former UN Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan.


Peter Galbraith

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JimGalt from Ohio

The L.A. Times rushes to release photos that will hurt the troops, but the video of Obama with Israel hater, Rasid Khalidi must be suppressed for the protection of our Marxist in Chief and his re-election prospects.

Apr. 19 2012 01:20 PM
john2397 from usa

Are we stoop down to this low? Really the Bush-Cheney wars have changed the moral, political and social values of the great super power. Many were hoping that Obama will try his best to correct it but he has no guts to stand up to the war lobbies, who are dictating their terms to Obama for the last 4 years. After hearing many sex and morality and inhumane killings scandals and phony apologies and fake court cases against the culprits only to fool the victims has lower down the highest standard of our arm forces and America around the globe.

Apr. 18 2012 12:57 PM

Secretary Panetta concerned the photos could be used to incite violence requested the LA Times not print the photos. LA Times then rushed to publish the photos.

Unknown party provides LA Times with tape of President Obama at a dinner with Rashid Khalidi. LA Times four years later still hiding the tape.

Apr. 18 2012 10:32 AM

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