Bully Rating Reveals MPAA's Inner Working

Monday, April 09, 2012

The director and studio behind the documentary "Bully" won their battle to have the movie’s rating lowered from the restricted R-rating down to PG-13. Even though it doesn’t have any explicit sex scenes or extreme violence, "Bully" was deemed more risqué than "The Hunger Games," a film about kids killing kids. Ethan Noble is the chairman of Motion Picture Consulting. He helps filmmakers and studios get the ratings that they want.


Ethan Noble

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Hsi-Chang Lin and Mythili Rao

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natalie from MA

The guest for this segment said something that has bothered me for a while which is:" I take my kids to the movies and tell him/her who are the bad guys". Alright, that is a loaded statement, that has been treated extremely laissez faire lately. We deemed bad guys as the flavor of the month, or use racial bias without much thought. That translate into future La ri da citizens. Example: there is no clear understanding wether Mr Chavez (Venezuela) it's an evil individual, yet most believe he is "evil", Palestinian Nation "Evil" Mexicans "Almost Evil" and on and on.

Apr. 09 2012 09:41 AM

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