Looking Back at FDR's Legacy Amidst Health Care Battle in the Supreme Court

Thursday, March 29, 2012

President Roosevelt delivers the Day of Infamy Speech to Congress. December 8, 1941. (FDR Presidential Library)

With the Supreme Court arguments over President Obama’s health care law behind us, we can now look forward and consider what the political repercussions of these historic hearings will be.

Anna Sale, reporter for our co-producer WNYC’s politics website, It’s a Free Country, joins us to look back: back upon days when the President of the United States found himself up against the Supreme Court in the wake of sweeping social reforms; back upon days when the country's commander-in-chief was locked in a fight with the highest court in the land, during an election year no less, with political challengers waiting to capitalize on presidential defeat.

We look back upon the days of President Franklin Roosevelt and draw parallels between President Obama and President Roosevelt's dealings with the highest court in the land. 


Anna Sale

Produced by:

Marc Kilstein

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Considering this administration's lack of respect for separation of powers and the US Constitution it is fairly nauseating to hear members of the Fourth Estate chortle about "a secret plan to change the Supreme Court."
Those plans to unconstitutionally expand his power would come after the President takes his second oath to " preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".
It is highly doubtful if he and the media take the oath seriously.

Mar. 29 2012 09:32 AM

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