Richard Clarke on Stuxnet and Cyber-Security

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This story has all the trappings of a spy novel, or a James Bond film. Espionage. International intrigue. Underground nuclear development. It would make for quite a work of fiction...except that this story is true. In 2010, a little virus called Stuxnet caused severe damage to an Iranian uranium-enrichment facility, effectively delaying Iran’s nuclear capabilities for months or possibly years. It was long thought that Israel took the lead in developing Stuxnet, but our next guest thinks that the Untied States was the culprit. And while we Americans might be skilled in creating cyber-viruses, we might be completely unprepared when it comes to defending ourselves against them.  

Richard Clarke was the White House counter-terrorism czar under three presidents. He is currently a Managing Partner of Good Harbor, a cyber-security consultancy.


Richard A. Clarke

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I really confused when I saw this article. several years ago I watched a video Bruce Dang one of Microsoft Research team member mentioned we knew about Stuxnet but we weren't allowed to talk about it till now (2010). but now days that everybody knows about the Stuxnet and its mission is finished, why Microsoft haven't patched it forever? is there something remained unmentioned about the Stuxnet mission?
I searched a lot to find the video I had watched several years ago which contained much more knowledge about the role of Microsoft Research in responsibility of postponing patch the Stuxnet vulnerabilities but I couldn't find it. If someone has any idea please contact me in

Apr. 08 2015 07:34 AM

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