Listeners Respond: Own a Business, Work a Second Job

Thursday, March 15, 2012

All week we’ve been hearing from listeners about their Great Recession stories. Some of you have lost jobs, while others have taken pay cuts or moved out-of-state in search of employment. And there are those of you who have created your own employment opportunities: the small business owners of the bunch.

But nothing comes easy when you start from a clean slate. Two Takeaway listeners join us who have ventured to create their own small businesses, while maintaining other part-time work in order to make ends meet.

Brandy Mcnair is a listener and small business owner from Norman, Oklahoma who also works as a waitress. Jeff Hardaway is a listener and small business owner from Nashville, Tennessee who spends half his week working as an x-ray technician at a local hospital.


Jeff Hardaway and Brandy Mcnair

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Catherine from New York

I have a full-time job; however the problem is that it is a start-up that has been having severe cash-flow problems for the past year and then some, and I get paid only sporadically. To try to make ends meet, I have increased a side business I have had at a low level for years, which is editing scientific manuscripts for authors whose first language is not English, mostly Chinese scientists both in the US and in China. Actually I wish I could get more clients, right now I am making about $1000 a month from the editing, but it seems I only get clients through word-of-mouth, so my business grows slowly. Still it helps a lot.

Mar. 15 2012 12:01 PM
M. Curren from MA

My husband has started a home handyman business in his retirement and is so much busier than he had ever expected to be that we joke about his hiring an assistant. As he has always been good around the house, the start-up costs for tools were negligible. He marketed himself using fliers, online, and word-of-mouth, and it is truly amazing how many people need someone to do small jobs: repairing chairs, assembling furniture, making shelves and the like. His clients include the elderly, the too-busy, and the hapless. They are a happy bunch, my husband is happy and productive after a professional career.

Mar. 15 2012 10:09 AM

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