Listeners Respond: Do You Like Your Job?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Last week, we asked Takeaway listeners what they thought about their jobs. Many callers are unemployed or take jobs they dislike just to pay the bills. But several listeners told us that they love their work — and they aren't the cushy, glamorous jobs you might expect. Joining us to talk about their jobs are Takeaway listeners Josh Walberg and Greta Picklesimer.


Greta Picklesimer and Josh Walberg

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Arwa Gunja

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anna from new york

Yes, Lisa, good girl. This was the idea - keep a significant number of people in the street and the rest will "Love my job" and "I'll do everything to keep my job."
I am pretty sure that the idea for "Arbeit macht frei" came from this land of opportunity - an opportunity to work oneself to death. Next. Next. Next.

Mar. 12 2012 08:58 AM
Lisa from NYC

I love both my jobs. I work 7 days a week, two part-time jobs (sometimes three jobs when I do seasonal after school tutoring). After being unemployed for two years (not a 99er by choice), I found two part-time jobs. I used to work as a corporate litigation paralegal but couldn't find work for two years. I landed a temp job last June which was only supposed to last one month and I'm still at the firm. On the weekends, I do demonstrations for a pet food company via one of the retail stores. When I'm not working on the weekends, I travel to VA to help my mom who is homebound and dealing with a long-term illness. I'm very grateful to have work, both Mon - Fri and on the weekends. Before I landed the temp job, I decided to take just about anything outside my field regardless of the wage and that's when the demo job came through. I tutor occasionally as well, an extra four hours a week. I don't take anything for granted b/c I know my jobs could end at any time, especially in this economy. People ask me if I'm stressed working 7 days a week. I love both my jobs but I also tell people that the daily stress from the inability to pay basic bills - including the roof over my head, was far greater than any stress I feel now from being tired. I'm tired, but happy. ;-)

Mar. 12 2012 08:39 AM
anna from new york

Zombies. Zombieland. I am tired of listening to idiotic "I love my job (all 80 hours of abuse), I love my boss (Der Kommandant/die Komanmdantin)
Illiterate population which never heard of 40 hour workweek, vacations and dignity in the workplace "loves job." No love for family, no love for nature, no love for thinking, no love for humanity. When Karel Capek coined the word "robot" (the root "rob" means "work") he predicted in 1938 (? too lazy to check) the brave new world of American robots who work, work, work.
Can someone give to Americans at least a couple of hours of history informing them among other things that computers were supposed to do the work while humans would enjoy being humans?

Mar. 12 2012 08:34 AM

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