Richard Codey Pretends to Be Homeless: What's Your Take on the Senator's Actions?

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Last Monday, as most elected officials returned home, one state senator spent the night out… at a homeless shelter. Former New Jersey Governor Richard Codey is now a state senator from Essex and Morris Counties. On Monday night, disguised with a pasted-on gray beard and some effective make-up, the man who once ran New Jersey slept at the Goodwill Mission in Newark. His night out marked the end of a four-month investigation into the state’s services for the mentally ill. New Jersey, like a number of states across the country, has been hit with severe budget cuts in the wake of the financial crisis. Codey was determined to find out just how these service cuts have affected citizens in his district. 

Joining us for more on his experiment is State Senator Richard Codey


Richard Codey

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George Norcross has people living outside in tents while he get Billions to fund Cooper and kickbacks to his buddies and friends. Meanwhile the Norcross family steels from the Poor by taking whatever dollar is handed down and tips off the billions from the hospital to live a life a luxury. George E. Norcross is a crook.

Mar. 25 2012 12:09 PM

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