Super Tuesday and Latino Voters

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Fox Latino poll of likely voters released earlier this week showed 70 percent supporting President Obama and just 14 percent supporting Governor Mitt Romney. The same poll also seems to indicate that the Republican party is having trouble winning new Latino voters -- and keeping Latino voters who have favored the GOP in the past. Poll numbers indicated that four of five Latinos who voted for Obama in 2008 planned vote for him again later this year. Meanwhile, among Latinos who voted for Republican Arizona Senator John McCain four years ago only 40 percent now say they support Obama.

Dee Dee Garcia Blasé is founder and co-president of the Tequila Party, an immigrant advocacy group, as well as the former president of the Somos Republicans. Leslie Sanchez is author of "Los Republicanos" and CEO of Impacto Group.


DeeDee Garcia Blase and Leslie Sanchez

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Juan Motime from Detroit

I have been telling people for years that the GOP needs to embrace the Latino community, not show them the door. Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave if he saw what was happening in the modern day GOP. The GOP who I was a part of all of my life is going the way of the dinosaur. They will be extinct within 2 decades. Leslie is just simply wrong on this issue and she is way out of touch. The GOP needs to get back to strong family values which they are not for considering they are willing to break up families who have been here for years. They need to embrace free markets and education which they do not when they fight against the Dream Act. Educating these young people would only help the economy in the long run by filling needs for workers who are better educated. In addition, by allowing workers to fill needs that farmers and others have for low cost labor would also help the free markets and help keep prices down. All of these things are exactly what Republicans are supposed to be standing for. But not in this case, and why? You tell me.

Mar. 10 2012 12:05 AM

There's no such thing as "White America". That's just lumping those of German-, English-, Irish-, Spanish-, and Swedish-descent into one monolithic group. They are not all "Anglos" and they don't all behave alike.

It's the same thinking that makes political candidates believe all Hispanics are Mexicans (whose ancestors were at odds with the US). That's why all their forecasting won't work. I've only seen forecasting work 50% of the time.

Mar. 08 2012 09:57 AM
Joe Ortiz from Redlands, CA

The reality of the Latino vote, as to whether it will go to Republicans or Democrats, is that no one really knows, not even most of those Latinos who are registered and have voted in the past. Most American (Anglo) pundits have been trying to figure it out for decades. They rely mostly on "Spanish-Surname" voter registration data, and then the examine their past voting patterns in attempts to make an educated guess. When it comes to ideology (meaning, what can candidates say that will attract that segment), they (candidates) are totally lost.

Most American citizens of (pick one: Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Mexican American) who were born in this country have a great degree of patriotism and commitment to the America Dream and its professed allure. However, after experiencing over 200 years of neglect and indifference (not to mention the patronizing and incessant stereotypical marginalization), most of them conclude that they are viewed by mainstream Americans as "those from the other side of the tracks."

Now, that the demographics are changing (not based solely on immigration), White America, especially, is fearful that its cultural (We are TRUE Americans)image (and some even believe that their race) will become extinct. This impending reality could have been avoided 200 years ago, if only the American Dream had been shared with all of its people. I wrote about this on my blog recently: Check it out!

Mar. 08 2012 02:50 AM
Alejandro Velez from The overpopulated West

Everyone knows that it is the tough immigrations stance of the Republicans that alienates many Hispanic voters.
However, this voting block is increasingly divorced from reality. The doubling time of our population is now less than 50 years. Entirely due to our overly liberal immigration policies. That means 700 million people before this century is out. How will our country function with such population numbers? In a world that needs less people, we are courting disaster. But our elected officials are hostages of the Hispanic immigration lobby and we are probably doomed.

Mar. 07 2012 10:30 PM
David Holzman from Lexington MA

Americans of Hispanic ancestry opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants by a whopping 52 to 34 percent (Zogby, Feb. 2010). If the notion is true that the votes of this demographic turn on immigration, then perhaps we shouldn't be embarrassed as a nation for having put Americans of Japanese ancestry in concentration camps during WWII, and perhaps we should have done the same with Americans of German ancestry.

Having the Tequila Party representative on this show--who obviously has an axe to grind about immigration--was guaranteed not to get an objective answer.

I find Maria Hernandez' comment to be a very interesting hypothesis, and I wish this program would investigate it.

Mar. 07 2012 10:47 AM
Maria N. Hernandez from Miami, FL

The problem with the GOP and the Latino vote has to do with the distrust that we Hispanics have towards the party that traditionally has done more damage to Latin America by, for example, supporting dictatorial governments in Chile, Argentina, or internal wars such as in Guatemala and Nicaragua, etc. Latinos have a more developed conscience now of the past and what we want for the future.

Mar. 07 2012 09:55 AM

The disconnect probably stems from calling them "Latinos" which are people currently living in or immigrating from Latin America. While never mentioning "Hispanics" which are those born here of Latinamerican descent and don't have immigration on a 24-hour mental cycle.

The Republicans can probably get lots of votes if they give everyone coming into the country the "Cuban treatment". Anyone who touches US soil will be settled in and given all the benefits of a citizen right away. That's if the GOP can get over the fact not all of Latinamerican descent has Andy Garcia's hair and complexion.

Mar. 07 2012 09:47 AM
Latino Voter

Leslie Sanchez is out of touch with Latinos. Full support of the DREAM Act would indeed help Republicans with Latinos.

Mar. 07 2012 07:41 AM

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