Ohio and Georgia GOP Chairs Talk Super Tuesday

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

By the numbers, Georgia is the biggest prize this Super Tuesday with 76 delegates. Perhaps most telling will be Newt Gingrich’s performance in his home state: if he wants to stay competitive in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, he’s going to need a decisive victory in the Peach State. Ohio, with 66 delegates of its own, may be the biggest psychological prize. Many have declared this the race to watch, as no Republican nominee has ever become president without winning the swing state in the general election.

Sue Everhart, chairwoman of the Georgia GOP and Kevin DeWine, chairman of the Ohio GOP, discuss each states’ importance in determining the Republican presidential nominee.


Kevin DeWine and Sue Everhart

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Kiwibob from Seattle

My choice of songs: Mose Allison's "Your Mind is on Vacation and Your Mouth is Working Overtime". This applies to both the Republican Zoo and "The Great Capitulator's" Press Conference yesterday!

Mar. 07 2012 10:18 AM

Maureen; patience.

There is a long history of candidates running to the party base in primaries, and turning to the middle in general elections. It is as American as Chevrolet, hot dogs and apple pie.

Polling shows that you are right, especially in swing states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the rest of the midwest; the repeal of Obamacare is strongly favored by a solid majority, and we won't get it repealed if Obama gets another four years.

People like you in Michigan also know very well that the Gingrich and Santorum accusations that Mitt Romney is a "Massachusetts moderate" fall on deaf ears for the good people who know how a moderated, economic conservative businessman like Rick Snyder (who strongly supports Mitt Romney) operates, to balance seemingly hopeless budgets and focus on relentless positive action to spur economic growth.

You are right, Maureen. And people like you -- dissatisfied with Obama and also uninterested in someone who appears to be a disconnected ideologue like Rick Santorum, or an erratic careerist like Newt Gingrich -- you represent the most important voting bloc in the nation.

Mitt Romney owes it to you to make his best effort to win your vote; if you are patient, I beleive that he will do that.

More and more, Mitt Romney reminds me of another former governor, of another leberal state, who showed great mettle as a conservative President who could speak to the great majority of the American people: Ronald Reagan.

Mar. 06 2012 09:47 AM
maureen from Detroit

Why is it that the Republicans keep harping on "the most conservative" candidate? The rest of the country is not completely Republican and are dissatisfied with the President. The farther to the right the candidates go, the more they they tend to alienate the conservative Democrats. As little as Romney appeals to me, I find him better than Obama or the other candidates. I think as the general election approaches, more people will be of a similar persuasion.

Mar. 06 2012 09:27 AM

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