NATO Withdraws Personnel From Afghan Ministries

Monday, February 27, 2012

An Afghan demonstrator adds flammable material to a burning police vehicle. (Aref Karimi/AFP/Getty)

Over the weekend, two U.S. military advisers were shot dead in their office at the Interior Ministry in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack is one of many since U.S. troops inadvertently burned several copies of the Koran and other religious materials while clearing out the base at Bagram Air Field last Wednesday. In response to the escalating violence, Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson announced Sunday that NATO had decided to withdraw its advisors from Afghanistan. 

Fotini Christia is the associate professor in political science at MIT.


Fotini Christia

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Ed from Larchmont

One thing to keep in mind is that in Islam the Koran is not simply a book, not even simply a holy and inspired book (like the Bible is). It is believed to be co-eternal with God, existing in heaven with God. To destroy it is the highest sacrilege, apologies don't cut it. (I'm not sure what would.)

Feb. 27 2012 06:11 AM

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