Journalist Marie Colvin Killed in Syria

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall speaks with Marie Colvin of The Sunday Times. (Getty)

American journalist Marie Colvin has reportedly been killed in Syria along with Rémi Ochlik of France. Colvin wore a black eye patch after she lost an eye to shrapnel while reporting from Sri Lanka in 2001. But that didn't stop from venturing back into Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, to cover the uprising of the Arab people. That's what eventually took her to Homs in Syria, where she lost her life. Yesterday, she filed her last dispatch from the embattled city.

A native of Oyster Bay, New York and graduate of Yale, for more than 30 years Colvin willingly entered where other reporters feared to tread. She said she was often the only journalist in the battle-torn areas that she covered.

Joining the program is Ian Black, Middle East editor for The UK Guardian in London.

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