NYPD Surveillance Program Monitored Muslim Students at 13 Colleges

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Associated Press has obtained a new report from the New York Police Department which provides a surprising portrait of just how far the NYPD's intelligence division went in a surveillance program targeting Muslims. The NYPD tracked closely the activities of Muslim student groups at 13 colleges in the northeast, monitoring their e-mails and taking notes on their activities. 

In one case, they went as far as sending an undercover officer on a white-water rafting trip with 18 Muslim students from the City College of New York organized by City College’s Muslim Student Association.

Jawad Rasul is a CUNY student who attended that white-water rafting trip and recently discovered his name was in a NYPD report. Associated Press reporter Matt Apuzzo is one of four AP reporters that were recently awarded a 2012 George Polk for their coverage of NYPD’s screening of Muslim communities.


Matt Apuzzo and Jawad Rasul

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strangemonkey from 10003

No fan of The Takeaway (but you're slowly getting better) or the NYPD - however - in this case the NYPD is doing its fucking job! Profiling is effective - sure there are Tim McVeigh's out there, but most terrorists (that want to hurt US) are Muslims (sorry - it's true). Whatever they can do to stop an attack be it surveillance, spying, entrapment, whatever - I am for it. Not all civil liberties apply to enemies of the state.

Feb. 24 2012 09:16 AM
stephen from lubbock texas

Perhaps survailence of this group exists because the reasons are so obvious, experience so compelling, and motives so justified. Alas, the tree has been identified by it's fruit and the survailence of it so fruitful. However, that's mere pragmatism and as usual the Take Away gives preeminence to sentimental considerations.


Feb. 22 2012 09:20 AM
Jawad Rasul from City College of New York

***I would NOT be surprised***

Feb. 21 2012 03:26 PM
Jawad Rasul from City College of New York

N. Smith,

These things may stop a "threat" to National Security in the short term but in the long run, it is fueling the negativity that some may have towards the country and it provides recruitment material to those who are trying to instigate violence. Infact, I would be surprised if some of the undercover agents, who are actively instigating violent ideas in order to flush out those are willing to accept them, are using undercover surveillance as one of the issues to pump their prey from amongst the muslim youth.

Feb. 21 2012 03:24 PM
N. Smith

Although the behavior of the NYPD is unwarrented and over the top. It seems to be a necessary evil. I myself am a muslim convert and have realized that it is up to the Islamic American cummunity to change the perception of the public and the media. Law enforcement agencies are trying to identify what makes an individual or a group a threat to national security and what makes someone willing to participate in acts of terrorism. If that means that monitoring similar to that of the NYPD must continue so that stereotypes and prejiduces can be disproven, and that national security can be maintained then so be it.

Feb. 21 2012 09:40 AM

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