A Personal Look at the Opposition in Syria

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Men from Syrian opposition groups wave oppositon flags during a protest on February 6, 2012 in Algiers near the Syrian embassy. (FAROUK BATICHE/Getty)

The 11-month-old Syrian uprising has been making headlines especially after the government onslaught on Homs on Wednesday. The revolt has turned deadly with many civilians losing their lives in the struggle for regime change. But who are the people behind the opposition? The Takeaway gets a perspective on the ongoing violence in Homs, Syria.

Ramita Navi is a freelance journalist who reported for the PBS documentary, "Syria Undercover." Ilhan Tanir is a correspondent for the Turkish daily Vatan and a columnist for Hurriyet Daily News.


Dr. Gregory Elder, Ramita Navai and Ilhan Tanir

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Is it safe to say these Syrians would rather see a President Bush, McCain or Clinton right now along with millions of American unemployed for that matter.

I hope so-called progressives who rallied so zealously against the Iraq War will admit on its 9th anniversary that the ousting of Saddam Hussein and the establishment of a constitution and elections in Iraq was the first domino to fall in the Arab Spring for better or worse.

Doing for the Arab world what the US did for Eastern Europe was the goal all along and today we see it trying to come true.

Feb. 09 2012 09:08 AM

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