Giants Win Super Bowl in Dramatic Fashion

Monday, February 06, 2012

Aaron Hernandez #81 of the New England Patriots celebrates a 12 yard touchdown in the third quarter against the New York Giants on February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Rob Carr/Getty Images/Getty)

The New York Giants beat New England 21-17 in a game that most certainly would be consider an instant classic. Eli Manning was the game's MVP, completing 30 of 40 passes and engineering the late 4th quarter touchdown drive that would win the Giants the game. Tom Brady could not execute a successful one-minute drive after launching a Hail Mary pass that went unanswered.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is Takeaway sports contributor. Jack Thornton is a Patriots fan while Chaz Faxton is a Giants fan.


Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Chaz Faxton and Jack Thornton

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DYV from Park Slope

Tyler Clementi was a freshman in college, not a 42 year old gay man.
MOST freshman men in college aren't thinking about long term life partners nor SHOULD they be.
Tyler had a right to have the same freshman experience as your average kid in college.
Exploring himself, doing new things, cultivating likes and dislikes, having a social life, dating, etc.
The PROBLEM is not gay men not wanting monogamy (lots of them do and there is plenty of support for that).
The PROBLEM is that gay and lesbian people are ridiculed and made to feel ashamed about our sexual orientation, sexual behaviors and sexual desires.
There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about being a sexually active college student.
As long as Tyler was being safe and taking care of himself (heart, mind, boy) it's nobody's business who he was having sex with, when or how.
But is is WORSE to expose someone having same-sex sex, particularly if that someone is male given the way gay male sexual activity is received in our society.
The DIFFERENCE is that gay and lesbian young people are attacked viciously (verbally and physically) as well as through social media, for doing something completely natural and normal.
Tyler's roommate exposed Tyler to ridicule and possible violent retribution from homophobes via Twitter.
Tyler's roommate took an extremely private, intimate experience and exposed it to the world maliciously and vindictively.
And MAYBE if Tyler had felt like he had peers he could speak to about THAT (who would not judge his sex life in any way), he might have made some different choices.
Unfortunately, he's dead and we'll never know.
The ISSUE here is homophobia ,sexism, and the inability of straight of to deal with the sexual realities of gay and lesbian youth, not promiscuity and monogamy.
That caller clearly had his own agenda about marriage and long term partnering that had nothing to do with Tyler Clementi or with being a sexually active gay freshman in college.

Feb. 06 2012 07:58 AM

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