Deadly Soccer Riots in Egypt Spark Conspiracy Theories

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A tearful woman wipes her tears as protesters gather to demonstrate outside Cairo's Al Ahly football stadium. (Ed Giles/Getty)

The images of brutality are grim: 74 Egyptians dead but the scene is not Tahrir square in Cairo but a soccer field in the Egyptian city of Port Said. A riot at a soccer match between the team from Port Said and a team from Cairo is responsible for those fatalities and it has sent shock waves deep into Egyptian society already reeling from political chaos. 

Some of the victims from the violence in Port Said are returning to Cairo. Investigations have been called for and accusations that the violence was a set up have been reverberating all day long. Joining us now from Cairo is John Leyne correspondent for our partner the BBC.

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Audrey Glickman from Pittsburgh, PA

I graduated the University of Pittsburgh in 1978, when tuition was $512 per term. My starting salary for my first job was $8,000 per year, which was decent and included benefits, but was definitely an entry-level salary.

Tuition per term for the same University this year is $7,636. Starting salary for a first job would have to be $119,312.50 plus benefits to be commensurate!

In today's vernacular, it's just not happening.

Feb. 02 2012 11:18 AM

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