Romney Looks to Take Florida

Monday, January 30, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney greets supporters as he holds a campaign rally at Emma Lou Olson Civic Center in Pompano Beach, Florida, January 29, 2012. Mitt Romney greets supporters as he holds a campaign rally in Pompano Beach, Florida. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/Getty)

One day before the Florida primary the polls show Mitt Romney pulling ahead of Newt Gingrich thanks in part to a $16 million ad blitz across the state by Romney. So has Mitt sealed the deal? Can Gingrich pull out another upset? Romney may walk away with the nomination if he could pull out the Florida victory. We will find out what the field looks like this morning.

Phil Latzman is a news anchor and host at WLRN-Miami Herald News, and a reporter for It's a Free Country, the political website from our partner WNYC.

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Susan from Gloucester MA

Citizen's Bank is charging fees every month on depositing more than $1000 CASH over every $5000 in business accounts. I did call earlier but failed to mention this detail...

Jan. 30 2012 10:20 AM
Adam Cardew from Detroit, MI

About being screwed by Banks. I have used so many banks and have been charged more overage fees than I could count. Now I use a credit union and have never been charged once. I will be bank free till I am dead.

Jan. 30 2012 09:33 AM
Karis from Pittsburgh, PA

Regarding the attack ads, a few years ago while living in Erie, PA, Congressman Phil English was being challenged by Kathy Dahlkemper. I had not been paying much attention to the news at the time. I might not have even been planning to vote. I first became aware of Dahlkemper when I saw an ad narrated in a sinister voice with shots of unhappy people trudging through the snow shown on the screen. It talked about the "horrible" things she wanted to do. The funny thing was, I liked everything she wanted to do! The campaign to elect Phil English effectively solicited my vote.... for the opposition.

Jan. 30 2012 09:26 AM
david Solomon from plantation florida

as a democrat I am not satisfied with the current administration. I was actually thinking of voting for the republican candidate. now after seeing who is the possible republican candidate I have changed my mind.

Jan. 30 2012 09:22 AM
Leonard Nones

I think asking listeners to tell you what are the nastiest attack ads is disgusting. WNYC now sounds like some afternoon TV show where people pull each others hair out.

Jan. 30 2012 09:20 AM

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