Over 400 Occupy Oakland Protesters Arrested

Monday, January 30, 2012

A protester from Occupy Oakland -the local offshoot of Occupy Wall Street- is arrested in Oakland on January 28, 2012. (KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

On Saturday, an estimated 2,000 people participated in the Oakland Rise-Up! Festival, an Occupy Oakland demonstration. However, the situation turned violent halfway through the afternoon as protesters began tearing down construction barricades to a building they planned to re-purpose as a community action center. Riot police used tear gas and flash bombs to disperse the crowd, who reportedly retaliated by pelting officers with broken bottles, pipes, and improvised explosive devices. The protesters went on to enter and vandalize City Hall, burning two American flags.

Ali Winston is a freelancer reporter in Oakland. Kara Tina is a member of the Occupy Oakland Movement Assembly.

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Let's just imagine, for a moment, a "Tea Party" group doing this. I am serious. 2000 Tea Party activists, battling with police, trying to take over a public building.

Can anyone IMAGINE how the mainstream media, and particularly public radio, would cover such an event? We've seen massive threat-level coverage for mere peaceful demonstrations. Serious media brow-furrowing over signs, or words allegedly uttered by the demonstrators. (i.e., the never-proven allegations of racial epithets at the U.S. Capitol Building during the healthcare debate.)

Just think if any Tea Party group had ever come close to this kind of violence, and in fact had done so repeatedly as in Oakland. There's have been nightly news specials on the broadcast networks. There'd have been Time and Newsweek cover stories. A 10,000 word essay in the New Yorker. There would have been 100 stories on 20 different public radio programs.

At The Takeaway, we just shrug (and perhaps rightly so!) and wonder where Caitlin Curran is.

Jan. 30 2012 01:04 PM

So after the underreported crime and filth that open air Occupy sites hath wrought to cities across the nation these protesters now want to take over a large cavernous building by force and call it a "community center"?
What could go wrong?
The media will ignore the health and safety conditions and then blame law enforcement for enforcing the law.

Jan. 30 2012 11:21 AM

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