State of the Union Address: Obama on the Economy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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The theme of last night's State of the Union was "an economy built to last." Vowing to protect the middle class and correct economic inequality, President Obama laid out his plans for financial reform: regulating home prices, penalizing banks that participated in the housing crash, imposing the "Buffet rule," and tightening regulations on private equity and Wall Street.

Joe Nocera is an op-ed columnist for our partner The New York Times.


Joe Nocera

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Folks like the President live in an elite and luxurious bubble because of taxes. Romney paid taxes on earnings that create wealth while Obama is in the businesses of taking wealth and the President seeks to expand his business that made him wealthy.
Can the "Buffet rule" also be the President stopping a pipeline in in the name of crony capitalism that serves his wealthiest supporters like Mr. Buffet and others of the "good" one percent?
Our intrepid journalists seem wholly disinterested in that possible arrangement.
Does the unemployment rate keep ticking downward because millions have disappeared from the workforce or living on part-time work meaning this argument that the economy is improving is based on a deeply flawed prospectus?

Jan. 25 2012 10:03 AM

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