Two Takes on Last Night's State of the Union Address

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives to deliver his State of the Union speech on January 24, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images/Getty)

With spirited rhetoric about protecting the middle class and enforcing fairness in taxation, president Obama abandoned his normally conciliatory tone about non-partisan politics during last night's State of the Union address and instead highlighted the differences between right and left. Although both parties have had the chance for rebuttal, The Takeaway has assembled their own partisan players to comment on the president's remarks.

Farai Chideya is a journalist and blogger at Ron Christie is a Republican political strategist and political contributor for The Takeaway and our co-producer WNYC’s politics website, It’s a Free Country.


Farai Chideya and Ron Christie

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"Obama voters have suffered more during this last three and an half years.."
Is that what they bargained for in 2008? Can they expect more of the same for another four years?
Why support a President who is clearly hurting their interests compared to previous Presidents?
We as a nation are in year three of this seduction and at what point do we expect some seriousness from the President and positive results?
As for OBL, do we applaud Richard Nixon for the moon landing since he was in office when it happened?
Unlike Obama who profoundly opposed the essential Bush programs that went into locating OBL, at least Nixon did not oppose or defund the current President has done.

Jan. 25 2012 10:31 AM

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