The State of the Union's Foreign Policy Message

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

US President Barack Obama is applauded as he delivers a speech at the British parliament in London, on May 25, 2011. (Jeff Mitchell/AFP/Getty)

A number of political analysts have noted that President Obama has been far more successful in the foreign policy arena than domestically. But the President who managed to find Osama Bin Laden still faces a tough re-election battle this year. David Sanger, Chief Washington correspondent for our partner The New York Times, and contributor to WQXR's The Washington Report gives his thoughts on the foreign policy points made during last night's state of the union address.


David Sanger

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This whole Presidency is about optics an theater with the media as his stage managers and his supporters more than willing to suspend disbelief cheering heroes and reviling villains assigned their roles based on the prevailing progressive narrative accepted as gospel when it is actually sophist agitprop.

Jan. 25 2012 09:44 AM

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