Voters Across the Spectrum React to the State of the Union

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

US President Barack Obama walks along the colonnade at the White House in Washington, DC, on January 24, 2012. (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Politicians from both sides of the aisle took to the airwaves to attack or defend president Obama's remarks last night, setting the tone for the rest of his first term in office. But perhaps more importantly, the State of the Union informally kicked off the president's reelection campaign. This morning, The Takeaway takes a look at how his words resonated with three voters from across the country.

Alexandra Jarrin, a registered Democrat from Vermont, Jack Boyle, a registered Republican and Tea Party activist from Solon, Ohio, and Catana Barnes, president of Independent Voters of Nevada join the program to give their reactions.


Catana Barnes, Jack Boyle and Alexandra Jarrin

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Margaret from UWS Manhattan

Re. jack Boyle calling the president "unserious": You're as unserious as irrational non-logic. That all rich peoples' money given in taxes wouldn't balance the budget isn't a reason for them not to pay more taxes as a fair share, if it's more than they currently do. That type of comment is why I want to advocate for reason, ethics, analysis, and logic being taught.

Jan. 25 2012 06:25 PM

In two of the last three years the Democrats controlled all of Congress and in the last year the Republicans control only one half of the House. If we are to blame Congress than why not mention that the Democrat controlled US Senate has not passed a budget in 1000 days and rejected Obama's budget 97-0? Those facts do not conform to the bogus narrative peddled by this administration and his media supporters and therefore ignored.

Jan. 25 2012 12:16 PM
Dan Bernard from Seacoast NH

Pretty amusing to hear Republican (Bush) spokesman Ron Christie blaming Obama for "breaking promises" that Republicans made sure he could not keep.

Jan. 25 2012 08:32 AM
Mark Houston from Ferndale

Did your guest just say the Rommey paid a effective tax rate of 42% if you include his charitable giving, I'm sorry since when has charitable giving been included as part your tax bill?

Jan. 25 2012 08:28 AM

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