The President's Transportation Transformation

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The map for President Obama's proposed plan for high speed rail (

A year ago President Obama announced his plans for high speed rail lines and other cutting edge transportation for the nation. But after many defeats in Congress, including the de-funding of high-speed rail, the President’s transportation initiative suddenly seems less futuristic and more focused on rebuilding the old highways of the past. 

To answer where the president stands on the eve of his re-election is Alex Goldmark, reporter for Takeaway flagship station WNYC’s Transportation Nation team. You can see his interactive chart, showcasing his research, here.


Alex Goldmark

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The President had no opposition in Congress for his first two years in office which makes one wonder where most of the stimulus money went.
The President who defunded NASA and wants to sink billions into rail travel ignores the probability that Apollo 11 and a light rail commuter train will be transporting about the same number of people on average.
It doesn't matter because it is not about transportation but about politics and money.
A pipeline from Canada to Texas producing oil which everyone will use is vetoed but billions for a railroad which nobody will use is the glorious dream to replace space travel.

Jan. 24 2012 09:55 AM

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