A Closer Look at Italy's Costa Concordia Crash

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What exactly happened on board the Costa Concordia? How did a luxury cruise go so wrong? Expertise in the psychology of risk perception, the explanation for why our perception of and response to risk sometimes seems pretty irrational. We’re too afraid of some things, and not afraid enough of others, which sometimes leads to new risks all by itself.

David Ropeik is a Harvard instructor and author of "How Risky Is It, Really? Why Our Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts."


David Ropeik

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Penny McKibben from Springfield, OR

John, you were in error when you identified the officer issuing General Order 13 in that clip from STAR TREK; while it was indeed George Kirk, his rank was Lieutenant Commander (Lt. Cdr), not Captain, although Captain Robau left him in command of USS KELVIN by when Capt. Robau left by shuttle to meet with Nero aboard the Narada.

Jun. 02 2012 08:29 PM

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