The GOP and the Political Geography of South Carolina

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Riick Santorum campaigning for president in South Carolina. (Getty)

In the primary elections Iowa is the first caucus and New Hampshire is the first primary, but since the 1980s South Carolina is the place where presidential nominees are decided. From the low country to the mid-lands to upstate, South Carolina is not a homogeneous as one might think. The political geography of the state sets the stage for the GOP presidential hopefuls and what they must do to reach the residents of South Carolina.

Bob McLain is the conservative host of The Bob McLain Show on News Radio WORD in South Carolina.


Bob McLain

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Considering the obsession with race and gender often displayed in the media why is there no direct mention of the state's popular female Indian-American Governor? Does she not fit in with the snarky provincial bigotry which is clearly held sacred like a security blanket by some insecure and jealous progressives?
Why are Democrats in S.C. not asked about the Confederacy since it was members of their party that founded it?

Jan. 17 2012 09:33 AM

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