Previewing the Southern Primaries

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gov. Rick Perry skipped N.H. to campaign in South Carolina, but his supporters held signs outside polling stations in the state. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty)

After Iowa and New Hampshire, the next big competition for the Republican nomination lies in the South. With strong GOP bases in both Florida and South Carolina, the candidate that carries either state will need to appeal to a pool of voters that are more racially diverse than their northern counterparts. However, currying the favor of this mix of social, fiscal, and military conservatives will require a great deal more money, something that some campaigns are running short on.

Chad Connelly is the South Carolina GOP chairman. Phil Latzman is reporter for WLRN and The Miami Herald.


Phil Latzman

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Paul Heckbert from Pittsburgh, PA

John Hockenberry: when Chad Connelly started spewing bogus claims about President Obama, you should have challenged him:
If you asked Democrats, would they agree that Obama ran as a centrist and governs as a leftist?
Do you support or oppose socialist programs like social security, medicare, and public schools?
Do you support or oppose big-government programs like the war in Iraq?
You suggest that there are no socialist countries that can be pointed to as successes, so answer these questions:
Would you prefer an unemployment rate of 8% (US, weaker welfare programs) or 5% (Germany, stronger welfare programs)?
Would you have preferred to have a huge financial crash in 2008 (US, deregulated banks) or no major financial crash (Canada, more regulated banks)?

Next time Connolly is on your program, please ask him the above.

What Connolly said was
"Obama ... maybe not anti-American but at least anti-things-that-have-made-America-work approach that he's given. He ran as a centrist but he's governing as a leftist ... socialistic tendencies where a European-type socialism, big-government control thing -- it just doesn't work. Not any places that can be pointed to as, boy let's be like successful like Cuba, or like North Korea! Wow, look what it did for Russia to be socialistic and communist!"

Jan. 11 2012 09:20 PM

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