Help Us Produce: Obama's Plan to Drill

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 10:19 AM

The news today that the Obama administration wants to drill for oil off the U.S. coastline has environmental advocates up in arms. The president says it will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help get support for a new energy bill. We'll be talking about this tomorrow and we want your help!

Weigh in now and help us find people to speak to. Do you think the drilling plan is a good compromise if it results in a comprehensive energy and climate bill?

Watch President Obama's comments from 2008, where he opposed offshore drilling.


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Adam Walsh from Oakland

I once let my brother sit in the front seat to avoid a hissy fit. My dad had just bought me new hockey skates and he was jealous, so I gave him shotgun. President Obama passed a law that was essentially a "hockey skate" law forcing the RNC and Tea Party Goers to become super jealous. So the way for President Obama to placate the whiney-faces was to lift the ban on off-shore drilling? Really? Clean energy and green collar jobs be damned. It's one thing to be berated by my father-in-law on Obama's radical fascism....that I can handle. But when I see him this Easter weekend and have to listen to him say, "Finally, your man made a good decision...I'm going to raise my glass and remember that when all the money for education is gone, and when all the green collar workers are left to count the solar panels sitting in the warehouse, I will be at home with my hockey skates.

Apr. 01 2010 08:36 AM
Carey McKearnan from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I believe strongly in compromise. I think our two party system fails to compromise enough. On this particular issue, no, this compromise is devastating. I live in Florida, a state whose economy very much depends on tourism. We are already killing the last living coral reef in North America. Mother Nature is fierce and does not like being messed with. The harm to the beaches, the coastline's economy, and possible warming of the ocean (which can increase hurricane activity, from what I understand, although not enough information on this readily available) are not worth it. Why do we refuse to take the long term view on this? Go back to motivating businesses to innovate to produce vehicles that guzzles less gas. No wonder we keep having the same problems. We refuse to deal with the root of this problem and keep finding band aids. Which, by the way, make the rich richer.

Mar. 31 2010 03:52 PM

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