Flash Forward: Politics in 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Electoral official count ballots during republican caucues at a school in Des Moines, Iowa, on January 3, 2012. (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

The first caucus results are in, heralding the official start of the long slog toward November's big election. Although politicians always bill the election they are involved in as being a critical moment for the nation, this time it is true. At issue in the next election will be what role the federal government plays in the lives of individual Americans. President Obama and the GOP candidates have outlined starkly different views of the social contract in the United States. The potential to shape economic growth, tax policy for the government and common person, and how wealth is distributed will shape fiscal policy for the next decade.

Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington correspondent, provides insight into why 2012's election is unlike any other in recent memory.

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Since the recession officially ended in early 2009 who was the devastating political hurricane that authored this economic destruction? Pelosi who nearly quadrupled the deficit and Obama who spent more than any other President in history both of whom never bothered to get a budget passed to explain how they planned to pay for it?
Was this economic quagmire planned and organized by the "best and brightest" the Democratic Party has to offer with the conservative "gridlock folks, the zealots" warning them presciently of the economic crash about to come as they were defamed and demonized for their unheeded warnings?
Is there any serious reason to believe that another four years will be any different with this President?
His friends in the media better stay with the unsavory tactic of creating wedge issues between religions, race and ethnicity and other underhanded distraction strategies and avoid the economy and the President's record because it is clearly awful with no hope for change. Is it fair to give him another four year contract as he and Pelosi preach fairness from their Hawaiian resorts?

Jan. 04 2012 09:15 AM

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